Corporate America Aviation is one of the oldest brick-and-mortar private transportation marketing practices in the world, with over 40 years of hands-on experience in the industry, predating the internet by decades.

Clients engage Corporate America Aviation specifically to keep their private travels completely out of the public’s eye, and we take great pride in our success in continually meeting our client’s high expectations in this regard.

Our service is straightforward – we arrange custom aircraft transportation worldwide, 24/7 – day or night – to, from or between anyplace in the free world where private air travel is permitted, utilizing state-of-the art aircraft from preferred and prequalified global fleets.

For the retail traveler, we will function as your ‘agent of the client’, serving as a global charter clearing house, researching, arranging and supervising your private aircraft charter, created to your exacting itinerary and specific needs. We’ll first discuss in great detail your desired itinerary and travel objective. We’ll then search our preferred partner fleets in real time to locate and present the finest and most appropriate transportation options, many of which might not have been considered by the client.

Who are these clients? We routinely fly corporate executives, investment bankers, high net worth families, guest speakers, political candidates and musical tours – all booked by personal assistants, travel agents, corporate travel or aviation departments but – SORRY! – we’ll never off a client’s name as a marketing enticement for your business.

Corporate America also arranges ground transportation services to compliment our air transportation services, including limousine or van services, motor coaches, rental cars and taxis. We also arrange private charter service worldwide using other modes of transportation, including yachts, passenger ships, private railcars and luxury motor coaches.

Kindly note while Corporate America arranges private transportation services worldwide, we do not own, lease, and do not have “operational command or control” of the equipment we contract on your behalf. Such operational tasks are the federally mandated responsibility of the government certified operators we engage on your behalf and the professionally licensed Pilots, Captains, Engineers and Drivers each employs to conduct the transportation services we arrange.

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