Global Travel


Corporate America Aviation is equally skilled in arranging aircraft charter services overseas as well as within the Americas. For the past several years, the majority of Corporate America Aviation’s business has come from arranging aircraft charters entirely outside the Americas, having arranged charters in more than 80 countries worldwide for retail clients and aviation departments alike.

Corporate America charters only state-of-the art equipment coming from fleets which are crewed, maintained, insured and properly certified to the highest global aviation industry standards.

Through our “Foreign Charter Attache” program, we team with offshore experts, agents and handlers, to arrange and oversee every aspect of your foreign travels. From your initial inquiry we will personally oversee vendor research, contracting, funding, immigration, citizenship conflicts, passports/visas, letters of entry and airport curfews to avoid potential travel delays and complications.

Your Foreign Charter Attaché team also routinely navigates foreign holidays and local business customs, currency conversions, document translation and language barriers, through diligent research, constant communication and a persistent micro-management of every detail.

Regardless of the continent or time zone, a Corporate America staffer is in constant communication with our vendor during the operational phase of every charter, overseeing every detail in real time and reporting every aspect of the flight back to the client.